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COMEVA s.r.l. exists to meet the needs of its customers, ensuring the quality of the service / product and a value growth over time through the production centers and synergize.


The principles that guide our actions are: the internal and external customer orientation ensuring quality and efficiency fairness in people's process management enhancement encouraging their professional growth and ensuring fairness in behavior recognition and maintain the value of the brand in the local area


More skills, more opportunities Improve competencies and anticipate changes to optimize resources in order to satisfy customers and to grow externally in a series of agreements and alliances.
In the name of the policy of continuous improvement, COMEVA S.R.L.  manages and produces accomplishments:
  • metal structures and equipment
  • machines for the lifting of persons and things
  • machines for the transport of loose and packaged materials
  • equipment for the shipbuilding industry which hopper systems power of motor vehicles, formwork for casting in c.a., climbing formwork, movable bridges and launching systems of artifacts, etc.
  • steel structures for the industry and construction
  • You complete prefabricated buildings of all finishing components by means of a conformity with standard Quality System UNI ISO EN 9001:2008.
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Commitment of COMEVA S.R.L. to meet the needs of the customer is realized through:

  • Continuous measurement of the services provided and the systematic monitoring of compliance with contractual terms, the statutory and regulatory requirements and economic and financial goals defined internally;
  • quality comparison dispensed with the services offered by the market leaders and the quality perceived by customers.
The comparison with the customers and the competitors in the market is the prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, implemented in particular through:
  • maintaining a dynamic organizational structure that empowers, involves and grounds all staff;
  • continuous professional development;
  • the computerization of operational and management processes;
  • the identification and the investment of adequate financial resources defined under budget;
  • the adoption of technical excellence in the renovation and development of plants;
  • the periodic review process, the results obtained and the procedures followed;
  • to take corrective actions based on the analysis of complaints and objectives aimed at exceeding the expectations of customers on the basis of indications obtained from periodic customer satisfaction surveys;
  • the systematic and rigorous monitoring of suppliers, contractors and consultants working on behalf of COMEVA s.r.l.;
  • the continuous monitoring of the progress of corporate objectives;
  • the timely verification of compliance with quality standards dictated by regulatory constraints, related to card services or to enter into a service contract.
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 BY-BRIDGE The direction of COMEVA S:R:L: is daily committed to:
  • Verify that the enunciated policy is widespread at all levels, supported by the Managers and properly implemented;
  • Encourage the correct application of the quality system and the commitment of all staff, which is responsible for the quality of the results of its activities, to the satisfaction of the regulatory authority and the accreditation body.
  • Provide adequate resources to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality system company delegating the Quality manager to monitor about his constant adequacy and application.
  • periodically clear the company's quality system.

The implementation of this policy of quality is a daily commitment of all staff, supported financially by the Company, shall be periodically reviewed by Management, subject transparently to the customer verification and checked objectively by an independent certification body.